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Warranties are supplied by our partner Luchia Electricity in Motion S.L



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LUCHIA ELECTRICITY IN MOTION SL. It is headquartered in Murcia, Ctra. Murcia Alicante, 1, km. 8, 30163 Cobatillas. With C.I.F. B06895940. It is registered in the
Commercial Registry.

Completing and sending the order form is considered acceptance of the terms of the contract, without, in any case, being able to
be considered a commercial proposal. All sales are made under the conditions listed below, any specification that does not conform to
these conditions will have to be accepted in writing by LUCHIA ELECTRICITY IN MOTION SL
Guarantee and quality
3-year guarantee and according to the assumptions contemplated in the current regulations, European Directive 2019/771 of May 20, 2019 and RDL 1/2007 of 16
This guarantee covers against any manufacturing defect, it does not cover deterioration suffered by improper use, manipulation or incorrect installation,
such as disassembly and transportation.
In the event of a breakdown, the admission form must be requested from the technical service, filled out and delivered for the processing of the repair, as well as
How to attach a copy of invoice. It will be mandatory that the returns of the products are made with their original packaging and in perfect condition.
LUCHIA in continuous improvement of the quality and functionality of its products reserves the right to modify or delete any of these without prior notice,
without this being a reason for a claim by the client. If the cause of the return was a fault in the article, it will be reviewed after its
reception in the LUCHIA warehouses to rule out if the failure comes from the customer of the article. In case of failure of the article, LUCHIA reserves the right to
right to substitution or payment of the same at the customer's purchase price.
order delivery
The delivery times are only approximate and without obligation, not accepting a claim for damages by the client due to delay in delivery.
delivery, or other claims or compensation for breaches of contract.
Failure to comply with the delivery period does not authorize the client to terminate the purchase contract, if this is attributable to delays in the transport of others
to LUCHIA ELECTRICITY IN MOTION SL (imports of materials and custom products 50 to 90 days).
Causes of force majeure (wars, revolutions, strikes, natural catastrophes, machine breakdowns, transport interruptions, customs closures, or
any other official measure that could affect, etc.) gives us the right to delay the delivery period without prior notice.
The order will have to be reviewed within a maximum period of 24 hours, in case there is damage to the material caused by transport. After the period of
24h neither the courier nor LUCHIA ELECTRICITY IN MOTION SL are responsible for breakages caused during transport.
Price and validity period
They will be those established in our price list except for explicit agreements confirmed by LUCHIA ELECTRICITY IN MOTION SL. except errors of
printing, evolution of the products or the constant fluctuations of the raw material, LUCHIA ELECTRICITY IN MOTION SL. in this case, the
right to vary prices without prior notice. The prices do not include VAT, nor the ecotax
In the order confirmation information, prior to the buyer accepting the operation, the prices of each one are clearly specified.
of the chosen items. The courier will be sent by the client to collect the material. If you do not have your own courier, you can
request the courier contracted by LUCHIA ELECTRICITY IN MOTION SL, these expenses will be borne by the client.
*Consult in this case the shipping rates.
All orders for customized or manipulated material must be confirmed in writing, accepting the budget by signature and stamp, which must be
be referred LUCHIA. By email, to proceed with its realization.
The price does not include installation.
Original defective product:
Once LUCHIA ELECTRICITY IN MOTION SL receives the defective product, it will send you another one, LUCHIA ELECTRICITY IN MOTION SL taking charge of the
Postage corresponding to the return and new shipment. If you wish to make an exchange for another item, the costs of return and new shipment will not be


Cancellations and returns
As a general rule, no refund will be accepted. Firm orders cannot be canceled without the consent of LUCHIA ELECTRICITY IN
Any imputed claim in terms of quantity, quality, visible defects will be attended within a maximum period of 4 calendar days, at the
receipt of the merchandise. For hidden defects, the term will be 15 calendar days following receipt of the merchandise, provided that it is returned in
its original factory state and with all its parts, accompanied by its corresponding purchase invoice. After this time there is no refund.
The material returned for other reasons, a maximum of 90% of the purchase value will be paid, provided that it is returned in the same state as it was received.
delivered, otherwise, the return will not be accepted. In case of repair or return of the product, the shipping costs will be borne by the customer in
its entirety. In case of being defective, the shipping costs supported by the client will be paid.
The payment terms will be those agreed with our clients. Any non-payment or delay in payment annuls the possibility of credit, paralyzing the
supply of materials until the situation is regularized.
The present parties agree to submit to the provisions of current Spanish legislation on the matter and to the courts of Murcia


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